There are several ways to contribute to Android Air mouse project, obviously donations are the main way to contribute, code developing, server and website maintenance is totally funded by me, so any donation would be appreciated, although it's not the only way to contribute, if you like programming or art designing and you would like to participate in this project, there are a lot of things you can do.

Here are some things which you can participate:

New Platforms Support:

Server Application for Linux, Android (Andoid TV) and Mac. At the moment the server runs over Windows but it would be great run it over any other other platform.

Active Code Maintenance:

Fix bugs, and add new features. The project is still in beta version so it means that some bugs should be fixed, and new features will be implemented.


Web site and both programs (client and server) as well as Google Play description are offered only in English, a perfect English I know ;)  even so it can be improved, furthermore it would be nice offer it in other languages.

Graphical Art:

I'm developer and I designed all the graphical art of the Android App and web site, I did my best designing it but I'm not a design master, so if you want to make an skin for the android app, or you think that you can improve the web graphics, please do it! :)


Web server maintance is arround 25 € per year and domain service arround 15€, so if 40 people donate one euro, the project will be sustainable!

So if you like to participate in any of this tasks, please let me know, much work remains to be done, and a long way to enjoy :p

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