Air mouse


-Use your phone as or air mouse or fly mouse.

-Just move your phone to move your pc cursor, like a Wii mote.




 -Gyroscope sensor provides an more stability and precision control against other kind of motion sensor like accelerometer.


 Focus Button


-Focus button decrease cursor's motion to provides more precision in small areas, when it's released a click action is performed.

Screen Buttons


-On Screen right and left button.

-Switchable form options menu. 


Physical keys


-Use the lateral volume keys to perform click actions. 

-Use the lateral volume Keys to control the computer volume.

Screen Wheel


-On Screen Wheel and button

-Adjustable wheel steps form options menu. 

Voice Recognition


-Use integrated keyboard voice function to send any text to your computer just speaking to the phone.

Text Predictive


-Use your personal text prediction standard text prediction or spell-checker to write faster.

Hand Writing


-Use integrated android hand-write recognition function to write with a stylus pen or with your finger.



*You need to run Windows Air Mouse server to connect the app to target pc